We are proud of our products as well as the engineering and technology used to develop them.  All of our products were designed with advisement and influence by some the most experienced composite engineers from within the Aerospace & Defense industry.  Many companies claim their products are made from Aerospace grade carbon fiber, our’s truly are. We are so confident in our products that we offer a 100% You'll Love It Guarantee.  We engineer, design, and manufacture equipment that performs, lasts, and deliver value to the players who use them.


The "Pass, Last, & Gas" Guarantee

- Performance:  We have maxed out the allowable performance metrics for each association where are bats are approved

- Sustainable Compression: Our bats will get to a designated compression and stay there for 3-6x longer than our competitors.  If our bat fails compression we will quickly replace it.

- Durability: Utilizing the highest quality carbon fibre in the market, our bats are built to last.  We will quickly replace one that does not.

- Sweetspot: Once fully broken in our sweet spot is almost the entire barrel.  We have compression tested our bats up and down the barrel with very little compression increase.  Try this for yourself and compare.


Utilizing the same carbon fiber as our bats makes for an exceptional paddle.  The sound, spin, performance, sweetspot size, size and feel are unmatched.

- Spin: We have maxed out the allowable spin for a paddle.  Our Nanotac coating creates exceptional spin that is the highest on the market.  Guaranteed

- Sweetspot Size: Exceptional carbon fibre leads to an Exceptional Sweetspot.  You can simply bounce a ball around on the face of the paddle and tell ours is big.  

- Sound and Feel:  Our paddles make a great sound, you will be able to tell who is using a Proton paddle without looking!  Our paddles feel great in the hands and also during contact.